Antique Christening Gown

Baby Gown Restoration

Most baby gowns spend their lives in storage. If you have a special Christening, Baptism or dedication dress that needs TLC, I can help. The process usually involves cleaning and repairing and depends entirely on the condition and fiber content of the gown. Please contact me for an assessment and estimate. Service starting at $39

Lavender Frame w/ Monogram

Large Fancy Monograms

So many to choose from! Perfect embroidered on pillows, chair covers, pillow shams, bolsters, table linens and framed. This one is 5″ x 6. Stitched on your item or mine- prices start at $14
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Custom Quilt Storage

Archival Quality Storage Solutions

Our treasured family quilts and linens can benefit from proper care and storage. Linen Cottage manufactures original design storage sleeves that meet archival storage guidelines for home storage. All storage sleeves are designed to fit modern linen closets and are available to fit tablecloths, napkin sets and quilts. Custom size sleeves are also available. Prices range $14.50 – 27.50
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Lavender Gift Sachets

Lavender Gift Sachet Favors

Lavender sachets are wonderful mementos of special occasions like weddings, showers, anniversaries and as thank you gifts. A large range of monograms and designs are available. Made with vintage damask fabric and filled with fresh French lavender, approximately 4″ square. Sachets start at 6/ $30
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Christening Gown Bag

Baby Gown Storage Bags

Pre-washed, cotton, made in the USA. Storage bags for baby gowns are made to conservation standards for home storage. When properly stored, gowns will last for generations. Original Linen Cottage design- no metal, plastic or harsh chemicals and made in a studio setting free of pets and smoking. Embroidered designs available. Storage bags range $29 – $45
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Wedding Dress Labels

Personalize Wedding Gowns With A Monogram Label

Modern brides that save their wedding dresses for memories of their special day can add a custom designed label to stitch into the hem or seam of their gown. Choose from a pretty selection of custom designed labels stitched on vintage linen damask. Labels can be a simple monogram or a remembrance of the special day with names and dates. Most labels $25.
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Quilt Labels

Customize Quilt Labels With Your Sentiment

How many quilt stories are lost to the passage of time? When you put so much time and heart into your handmade treasure, tell your story for future generations. Quilt labels can be a way to leave provenance with your name, date, pattern information, where made, who it is made for and more. Many designs to choose from- most labels $25.
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