Hello There!

I have been collecting, repairing, preserving and re-purposing vintage and antique linens most of my life. Selling on the web since 2003. Textiles have always interested me. I am an avid sewist and I can’t imagine life without sewing and fibers.

This new chapter is where I zero in on the aspects of this interest that I love most. Not so much selling old linens- more repairing, preserving and telling stories about how they touch our lives. My creative side in full force, I have added a modern twist with custom fancy machine embroidery. This new aspect (although I have been machine embroidering for over 20 years) is just a way to carry on the age old need to embellish and personalize everyday things that touch our lives. A way to leave our mark for the next generation.

I love to share my experience, skills and of course my opinion!

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