Welcome to My New Home

OK, not exactly but, I do live nearby! Linen Cottage is moving to WordPress. I recently announced that I am semi-retiring. This means that I will no longer focus on vintage and antique linens, although there will still be a few here and there.

Shifting gears now, I am particularly interested in restoration and repair of old household linens and christening gowns. I have always loved textiles and I do love to make them pretty again. I have worked very hard to offer the best possible quality vintage and antique linens- even the humble hand embroidered dresser scarf. Thankfully, my customers have told me over and over that my linens are beautiful. Not a conservator but, I’m learning. Several years ago I created a line of Archival Quality Storage sleeves for linens and quilts so, naturally I will continue to offer them as part of my business.

In addition, last year, I purchased a professional embroidery machine. Although I have been embroidering on my home machines for over 20 years, I will concentrate on offering custom embroidered items also. No production pieces like hats or t-shirts rather- beautiful monograms, large fancy embroideries, wedding dress labels and quilt labels, all custom made.

And of course, occasional blogs on gentle home arts. So as you can see, on to the next chapter for Linen Cottage. Looking forward to slowing down a bit and zeroing in on the particular areas that give me much pleasure.

I’ll see you soon,


Original Design Custom Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

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