Linen Cottage evolved from a personal collection of vintage and antique linens. Selling vintage in retail shops and online since 2003. The roots are deep. After years of repairing, preserving, buying and selling I have learned much about how we make our homes more personal by embellishing and caring for even the most humble things like embroidered pillowcases. I love history- not the school book kind but how things for the home were made and used. This is an area of special interest to me as you will see in my blog posts.

In these pages, I hope you will find pretty things that give you pleasure. Occasionally, a special old household “linen” will cross my path and I will offer it for sale. I will work with you personally to leave provenance for the next generation with custom embroidered wedding gown labels, quilt labels and other special fancy embroideries and monograms.

Think of this- many of our treasured old linens, baby things and quilts are approaching 100 years old! We can no longer clean or store them like we did in the “olden days”. Archival Quality Storage sleeves are a way for us average folks to store these things in the best possible way short of museum settings. I make these is small quantities in my studio using best quality materials and my original design. Regards, Patty

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